Cave Cricket 

Also Known as a Cave Cricket

Camel Back



Camel Back Cricket

Unlike field crickets, they don't have wings and they don't chirp. They crawl, but are also powerful jumpers.They jump toward potential predators to scare them away since they don't have any form of defense.

Camel Back Cricket The camelback cricket is a strange looking insect that has a cricket-like body but long, spider-like legs. They can give people a fright when they are found in basements or cellars.

Camel Back Cricket

Camelback crickets like warm, dark, damp environments as found in caves or in woods under rocks. They also are frequently found in basements and cellars. If you hear cricket sounds coming from below your house it is not coming from camel crickets because camel crickets do not chirp. More likely, it is a field cricket that has found its way inside.

Camel back crickets may move inside when their environment becomes too hot and dry. They are not usually capable of reproducing outside of their outdoor habitats and rarely find indoor locations that are dark and damp enough to suit them. However, should a cave cricket infestation become a problem in your home, it is important to locate and eliminate all possible breeding conditions. Piles of damp wood or leaves in or surrounding the structure should be removed. The basement or crawlspace should be kept ventilated and dry, as these conditions prove unlivable to cave cricket populations. Screens on crawlspace vents and basement windows can help to keep these crickets out.

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