Silver Fish

Silver Fish Image 2

Did you know?

They are especially attracted to paper and damp clothing. Commonly found in stored boxes in garages and sheds

Silverfish completely lack wings. They have long antennae, and move in a wiggling motion that resembles the movement of a fish

Silver to gray (or black even when you take into account a related insect called a firebrat) insect that usually shows up on the walls and ceilings of your upstairs bath and bedrooms and occasionally in sinks/tubs. They live in the attic and under roof shingles eating the glues that hold the insulation to paper, the drywall seams together and any paper or clothing stored in attic. They cause very little significant damage to any of the above mentioned items but, nevertheless their presence in bathrooms and intimate living space is usually disconcerting to residents. 

Occasionally they may infest natural material clothing such as wool or angora. There are many conducive conditions that can make control difficult such as full, leaky gutters, leaky roof, and cedar shake roof shingles.

Control consists of regular treatment of the attic space and exterior (we recommend a quarterly basis) and occasional special measures on second floor in heavy infestations.

Using the proper material to treat is crucial and we know the proper materials. It is essential that the attic be treated on each service.

100% Chemical Free solutions are available depending on your situation

Earth Friendly Integrated Management Approach

100% Safe Treatments with Absolutely No Risk to You, Your Family, Children or the Environment